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Why a simple Thank You goes a long way

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” William Arthur Ward.

How sad it is to feel that your over and beyond efforts are being ignored and unappreciated? Will you still be motivated and engaged in your workplace? I know, It’s a Definite NO!

Gratitude is the most needed principle for effective personal and business growth. A scientific research suggests expressing gratitude can and does increase a person’s overall physical and psychological well-being. A simple “Thank You” can turn an employee from a bad mood into la vie-en-rose, it’s a vital principle for an effective employee performance.

Think about it, all businesses have the same goals; increasing productivity with a minimum cost and having a good reputation in the market. Digging deeper, who’s responsible for these results? Who’s making that overall outcome? Who’s contributing to this massive success? Is it done by one person only?

No, it’s the result of a team of employees, each and every one of them working long hours every single day, giving their knowledge, their time and their loyalty. That’s exactly why appreciation should be a routine, a daily prayer!

In the last couple of years, there’s this question that’s frequently being asked: Can gratitude solve the workplace engagement problem?

Yes. Short answer! An estimated $11 billion is lost every year due to high employee turnover. The truth is that most employees leave because they feel disengaged, and they blame that for a lack or a total absence of gratitude, they don’t feel like they are being challenged and their efforts and hard-work is being neglected and unseen. However, when you show them a heartful “thank you! I’ve seen what you did there, I noticed that you have put a lot of work into this project….” No question, they will be more motivated and inspired to reach and grow. They will trust you more, and they will become more trustworthy because you know that they are happy and satisfied, you know that they are loyal to you and your company because when appreciated, they know that the success of the organization means their success, they contributed to it, they made it happen.

Times are changing, happiness is serious business, so start catching your employees doing things right rather than wrong, you will feel awesome and they will feel absolutely awesome. This is great for the overall organization; You, your employees and your clients. Do good and good will come to you, show respect and encouragement to others, start today and see what happens!


Article by Layal Haddad

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