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How to place yourself indispensable at work

Anybody can be replaced at work, but being indispensable means that you are the key-member to your team, you are the go-to person that everybody relies on to save the day and take aspiration from, it means that you are a specialist at your workplace, no one else can do what you do. Being indispensable isn’t impossible, yet it takes a majority of personality traits and skills.

Here are some ways to help you stand out from the crowd and be indispensable:

1-Help others without expecting much in return: Learn to take pleasure in watching others succeed.

2- Be a specialist: being a specialist at what you do requires skills, techniques and experience. Update yourself regularly and try to always push yourself to the next level and set the bar high.

3- Be a risk taker: Take initiative, try to go to the extra mile and take actions!

4- Be honest: communicate openly and work hard to find good solutions to any problems you may have caused. Never engage in blame-placing. Companies value employees who are honest and upright.

7- Be positive all the time: By having a positive attitude, you don’t only help yourself but you help others and lighten up work atmosphere. So keep that smile!

8-Learn from your mistakes: However bad the situation is, learn to find good solutions to overcome failure and grow from your mistakes.

9-Keep your word: Don’t talk the talk if you can’t walk the walk. Everybody loves a man who can keep his word. Do what you say you will do and if you can, do more.

10-Stay focused: Stay goal oriented and determined.

A company may not want to let go of someone if it knows that his exit might take away a lot of business. Invest in your relationships and develop these key skills to improve your standing within the company. 


Article by Layal Haddad

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