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Interview Tips

Interview tips:

It’s not always quick and easy to get hired. The job interview process can be lengthy. Today, interview process starts with screening which takes place over the phone, second interviews and third interviews.

How to ace your interview:

Before the interview:

  • Do your research: Research the types of questions that may come up, explore a database of interview questions categorized by specific roles.
  • Practice makes perfect: Consider getting up in front of a whiteboard and having a friend ask you some questions. Practice all scenarios that will help you get comfortable with whatever might be thrown your way.
  • Polish your interview: Make sure to mention your soft and hard skills that would serve you in your professional life, just make it simple, short, and targeted. Having your portfolio organized will help make a great impression with your interviewer.

During the interview:

  • Take a pause: When the interviewer asks a question, take a moment to think and consider your answer before beginning a response. Give yourself time to think.
  • Confidence is key: Keep steady, natural eye contact throughout the interview. Keep your tone sincere.
  • Ask questions: Ask clarifying questions to ensure you are zoning in on the right things. Moreover, ask questions after the interview to ensure your interest in the company.
  • Think positively: Calm your nerves by reminding yourself that you deserve to be there. You wouldn’t have been invited to interview if you weren’t being seriously considerate as a candidate, don’t stress yourself out, hiring managers are humans too and they will understand a forgive a few minor faults.

After the interview:

  • Follow up: Make sure you send a “thank you” note to your interviewer after the interview. Follow up to check if you got the job.

So, with that in mind, relax, gather your strength, and walk into that interview with a newfound confidence.

Article by Rita Bakhit



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