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CV's deadliest mistakes


  • Keep it Short: Recruiters do not spend more than 9 seconds screening your CV. Highlight your actual experience, capacities and skills. Make sure not to make it more than 3  page- if you’re a Senior 
  • Let recruiters find you: Make sure you have used lots of possible key words!
  • Format: Make sure all your CV components have the same “professional” format. To be on the safe side you can always use “Times New Roman”
  • Spelling: Carefully check your spelling before saving the final draft of your CV and start sharing it. Spelling mistakes will 85% make your CV disregarded! 

Personal information:

  • Full Name:Make sure to mention your name as it’s written on your official documents and adopt it this way! It’s not cool neither professional to have it written in 10 different ways!
  • Your email address: nightdreamer@****.com , sexyangel@*****.combreakthedevil@******.com are NOT to be mentioned on your CV! The best way is to make it related to your full name. 
  • Residency address: We do not want to visit you in person and we’re not a food delivery center! Avoid writing your full residency address in your CV including country, city, building, street, floor… These information shall be only provided when getting the job. Just stick to country and city!
  • Contact Numbers: As we are operating in a small world and opportunities are out there internationally it’s advised to write your contact number in full including the country code.
  • Personal Photo: Recruiters do not want to see you clubbing, or at your grandma’s lunch gathering or pausing! Make it a photo passport one!

Objectives: just make it simple, short and targeted. 

Professional Experience: 

  • Clearly mention start date, end date, official name of employer, position held
  • Tasks performed: Do NOT copy paste job descriptions in this area. When describing your responsibilities in your current and/or previous job       stay limited to your actual tasks performed in general. Be short and straight to the point!

Skills: Make sure to mention the set of your soft skills and hard skills that would serve you in your PROFESSIONAL life!

Interests: Don’t go crazy! Avoid sharing weird interests related to alcohol, sex, stripping, gossiping… We’ve seen a lot of them and this will make your CV IMMEDIATELY disregarded!

Article by Christelle AbiChar

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