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Are talented employees an asset? And how to retain them?

“A great employee is like a four-leaf clover, hard to find & lucky to have.”

Talented employees are force multipliers, you need to retain that talent. Employees who are happy with your business and value the work that they do will be the key to helping your company grow. Employees are assets, the right assets if managed correctly create value.

Employers should understand the real cost of losing great people. It’s much easier to keep a great employee than to find someone else, and companies should have a strategic plan for employee retention. Even though you can’t control every factor that contributes to your employees’ satisfaction it is possible to create a workplace that allows positivity and productivity to grow.

Success, appreciation, leadership, opportunity are talent magnets because they are the things that capture great employees to work for your organization.

How to retain Talented Employees:

1.      Provide opportunities to grow and learn.

2.      Let your employees know there is room for advancement in your company.

3.      Motivate your employees.

4.      Recognize and reward good work

5.      Create an effective and beneficial work environment.

Whatever the circumstances, never threaten an employee’s job or income. Employees will directly be demotivated, many of them will update their resumes and feel that they need to search for a new job.

Career-oriented, valued employees must experience growth opportunities within the organization. Allow employees to use their talents and skills, a motivated employee wants to contribute to work areas outside of his/her specific job description.

Employees should feel appreciated, saying thank you or good job goes a long way, bonuses, gifts, and commissions, make the thank you even more significant.  

Personal and professional growth leads to company success. It’s a fact that companies are built by people, and the best people build the best and most profitable companies.

Article by Rita Bakhit

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