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We help boards and senior management clarify the kinds of professionals they need, based on their business strategy, their stage of corporate development, and the competitive environment. Therefore, the core focus of RecruitMe is to help build business through quality talent. Our complete focus within the Telecommunications sector has allowed us to advance in the recruitment market and enable us to achieve clients’ hiring objectives.

Our recruitment projects in this sector covered:

Location: Lebanon | Jordan | Iraq

Positions: Network & Security Engineer, Senior Network Engineer, Security Engineer, Project Manager (PMP), Account Manager, Sales Engineer

The world of media and advertising has been evolving throughout the years. We have been up to date throughout this cycle as we comprehend critical needs.

We have recruited on behalf of corporate in-house and international media agencies the below positions

Locations: Dubai | Riyadh | Jeddah

Positions: Business Development Manager, Key Account Manager, Key Account Executive, Sales Executive, Graphic designer, Communications Specialist

LocationLebanon | Dubai

Positions: Customer Service, Key Account Executive, Logistics and Procurement Coordinator 

Working for a reason, giving back to the society, working under emergency, conflict, post-conflict and development contexts is challenging by itself. Focus on your mission and let us take the part of recruiting the best non-profit professionals out-there.

We have been doing this for years and understand context specifications and limitations for typically every single area of the Middle East countries at both national and international hires levels and Africa for international hires.

Whether you are hiring for technical units, regional senior management team positions, or in-country operations or programs positions rest assure you will be in the best hands.

Below are the countries and the most common positions we have hired for in the Middle East region:

Lebanon | Jordan | Iraq | Syria | Turkey | Yemen | Central African Republic | Nigeria | Tunisia | Ethiopia

Senior Management Team: Regional Director, Financial Controller, Deputy Regional Director for Programs, Deputy Regional Director for Operations, Technical Program Advisors

In-Country Recruitment: Country Director, Programs Director, Operations Director, Monitoring & Evaluation Manager, Head of Programs, Program staff and Operations Staff (including Finance, Safety & Security, Administration, ICT, Communications)

Programs portfolio cover: Women Protection, Child Protection and Youth Empowerment, Protection, Economic Recovery & Development, WASH, Livelihoods and NFI’s, Education, Health, Nutrition, Development Programs (Agriculture, Education Systems, Water, Entrepreneurship)


It’s all about nurturing and shaping our future generations, the right teaching and education staff can turn any setting into a center of excellence and world-class education. That’s why we deliver our clients the very best teaching and learning professionals. Our experts will advise you on solutions to meet all your recruitment needs.

We have successfully covered positions in schools and private training centers, some of the positions are:

Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia | Bahrain

Positions: School Counselor, Classroom Teacher, French Teacher, Math Teacher

With the changes in technology, the need for new and more advanced skills has also increased. To be able to keep up with the new trends and make the patients happy, highly-qualified healthcare professionals are also needed. We are able to advise organizations that are breaking new ground and realigning for this new patient-centric health model.

We have engaged healthcare and medical professionals from different specialties including dental, dermatology and general health departments.

Some of the positions and countries we have done successful recruitment for are:

LocationBahrain | Saudi Arabia

PositionsDermatologist, Orthodontist, Dentist, Internal Medicine Specialist, Companies' Medical Coordinator, Food Services Supervisor, Medical Records Manager, Nursing Services Manager, Purchasing Manager, Safety & Security Supervisor, Warehouse Manager

We provide you with financial services and insurance professionals whose skills and personality are aligned with the needs of your organization. We truly work to understand hiring needs first, and then finding the professionals with the right skillsets to fill those needs.

We partnered with leading regional and international Financial & Insurance companies in the Middle East and handled recruitment for:

Location: Lebanon | Dubai

Positions: Business Development Manager, Junior Economic Researcher, Junior Financial Analyst, Senior Financial Analyst, Investor Relations Associate


We have partnered with international hotel chains, resorts and international food service companies in alleviating recruitment challenges for their Store/Branch/Outlet positions also Operations roles at all levels including Regional and Senior Management roles.

Among the geographical areas and positions, we have hired for are:

Location: Erbil- Iraq | Muscat, Sultanate of Oman | Lebanon | Jordan | UAE 


SMT: Hotel General Manager, Group of Hotels General Manager

Fitness: Spa Manager, Fitness Instructor, CrossFit Instructor

Outlet: Executive Chef, Pastry Chef, Waiter, Runner, Hostess, Branch Manager, Team Leader, Shif Leader


Food Service (International Chains & Local/Regional Chains)

LocationLebanon | Nigeria | UAE | Jordan

Position:Chief Operations Officer, Operations Manager, Branch Manager, Head of Marketing, Area Manager, HR & Training Advisor, Branch Manager, Floor Manager

Our deep understanding and experience in each retail sector which has enabled us successful placements for SMT, operations, and outlet positions.

Garments & Accessories

Location: Lebanon| Jordan | Kuwait | Qatar | Saudi Arabia

Positions: Brand Manager, Sales Consultant, Manager in Training, Store Manager, Assistant Store Manager, Visual Merchandiser, Sales Associate


High End & Luxury

Location: Qatar, Lebanon

PositionsSales Consultant, Branch Manager


Consumer Electronics

LocationLebanon, Jordan, Kuwait

PositionsRegional Business Development Manager, Key Account Manager, Online Communications Manager, Online sales Manager, Trade Marketing Manager, Key Accounts Executive, Sales Manager, Head of Department, Sales Executive, Showroom Manager, Showroom Coordinator


Consumer Goods (FMCG)

Locations: Lebanon | Jordan| Egypt | Saudi Arabia | Kuwait

PositionsTrade Marketing Manager, Trade Channel Manager, Field Sales Manager, Category Manager, Key Accounts Executive, Brand Manager, Brand Specialist, Credit Salesman, Marketing Coordinator, Store Manager, Operations Manager, Training Manager, Deputy CFO


Automation & Controls

Location: Saudi Arabia | UAE | Nigeria | Lebanon

Business Development Manager, Showroom Coordinator, Training & Technical Engineer, Project Specification Engineer, Marketing Coordinator, Sales Engineer


Building Materials: (Sanitary Ware |Solar Systems)

Location:Lebanon | Qatar | Saudi Arabia

Positions:Procurement Officer, Sales Executive, Sales Manager, Business Development Manager, Sales Engineer, Technical Engineer, Training Engineer, Marketing Coordinator, Business Development Executive, Communications Executive



Location: Lebanon | Jordan | Iraq (Erbil)

Positions: Country General Manager, District Sales Manager, Product Manager, Operations Manager, Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs Coordinator, Marketing Coordinator 

We have partnered with leading exclusive dealers in the automotive sectors in the middle and successfully managed recruitment campaigns for their showroom and after sales position alongside with the operations and administration roles. Geographical areas and few roles include:

Location: Kuwait | Qatar | Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 

Positions: Financial Controller, Sales Manager, Senior Sales Consultant, Sales Consultant, Showroom Manager, Service Advisor, After Sales Manager

We have built a sound network of national and International professionals experienced in different projects types and at different project phases. We have successfully executed recruitment for the entire project life cycle from tendering, design, site construction, finishing, operations, and maintenance for key projects in the Middle East and Africa. Some of those are:

High Rise Building & Towers

Location(s): Kingdom of Saudi Arabia- Jeddah | United Arab Emirates- Dubai

Project: Commercial & Residential

Positions: Project Manager, Construction Manager, Civil Engineers, Architects, Site Architect, HSE Manager, Safety Manager, Logistics Manager

Recruited on behalf of: Contractor



Location: Nigeria | Cameroon |  Sultanate of Oman

Projects: Road Building, Bridge building, Highway

Position: Site Civil Engineer, Project Engineer, Construction Manager, Commercial Manager



Location: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Positions: Scaffold Manager, Scaffolding Business Development Manager 


Shopping Malls

Location: Belarus | Minsk

Positions: Project Manager, Construction Manager and Contracts Manager

Recruited on behalf of: Client


International Airport expansion and construction

Location: Africa

Positions: Construction Director, Architectural Finishing Manager, IT Manager, MEP Manager, HSE Engineer, Architect, Senior Architect, Baggage Handling System Engineer, Passenger Boarding Bridge Maintenance Supervisor, Passenger Loading Bridge Operator, HSSE Engineer,

Quality Assurance/Quality Control Manager, Contracts & Commercial Manager, Façade Engineer, Materials Engineer, Planning Engineer, Production Manager 


Marine Works & Civil Engineering 

Location: Nigeria

Position: EPC Manager, Site Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Construction Manager


Military Compound Base: 

Location: Sultanate of Oman

Project Director

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