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We know it’s beyond Recruitment! We understand the context and challenges of each client and position which allow us to identify the best practice and techniques.

We master the art of combining the facts to be able to technically support you in recruitment and Executive Search while reflecting an amazing image and first impression to your future employees highlighting your company branding and endorsing you as an Employer of Choice.

Our services cover:

-Recruitment Management (Recruitment policies & procedures development & implementation)


-Executive search 

-Human Resources Management Systems Solutions

We assist our accounts specially small and medium sizes companies in achieving a standardized process for recruitment through:      


-Developing & implementing operating policies & procedures for Recruitment

-Designing relative forms

-Identifying various sourcing and assessment tools adjusted to their talent needs and sector.

-Training HR and Non-HR People on the Best Practices of the different Recruitment Cycle phases.

You will have a non-forgettable recruitment experience! 

The process we follow has enabled us 98% of successful talent placements in positions within 15+ industries in more than 16 countries across the Middle East and Africa.

We follow advanced sourcing and candidates' attraction techniques combining traditional and customized creative strategies.


We are leaders in recruitment of international hires. We have successfully recruited professionals from more than 22 nationalities in Entry, Mid, Managerial and Senior level roles. 

Proactive recruitment and executive search for senior and leadership positions is no longer one of your most critical tasks. 

RecruitMe ensures a proactive intermediary role in mapping, communicating, assessing and negotiating with senior executives while maintaining confidentiality and commitment to succeed retained executive search tasks through:

- Developing a great understanding of your company profile and culture
- Mapping potential sectors and departments
- Proactive sourcing through applying specific advanced techniques
- Candidate attraction and engagement
- Meeting coordination and arrangement
- Placement details negotiation

We are golden partners with the best HRMS solutions developer and provider in this region.

Products cover:

1. Recruitment Management Software Solution : 

Career Connect: ( is a cloud based branded career page. Career Connect is designed to manage a company’s sourcing, filtering, and shortlisting of CVs from the widest pool of candidates available from inside their own website.

2. Applicant Tracking System

Cavall ( is a cloud based global Applicant Tracking System or ATS. Cavall is designed to efficiently measure and streamline the shortlisting, interviewing, and hiring process of our partners.

3. Human Resources Management System

ZenHR: ( ZenHR is a cloud-based Human Resources Management System (HRMS) that is specifically designed to serve everyone from SME to Enterprise customers in the MENA market. ZenHR is completely localized to the MENA market, including all labor laws, expat regulations, and social security & tax laws.

4. Testing Provider Platform 

Testello: ( is a UK cloud-based testing provider that has created cutting-edge assessment tools tailor-made for the Middle East and Gulf region.

Testello now has ready-made tests based on best practices, covering a wide range of disciplines including English, Arabic, IQ, and Numerical testing. In addition, Testello can provide companies with a testing platform that will allow them to customize their company specific tests with their own questions, answers, and scoring logic.

5. Online Career Network

Akhtaboot: ( is an online career network that is committed to providing a user-friendly, effective, and efficient way to link the right person to the right career opportunity in the MENA region. As an employer, you can search for CVs and post your job vacancies on Akhtaboot, targeting millions of candidates. Akhtaboot is also available via its Mobile App on both iOS and Android devices.

These products come with extremely amazing features and are all super user friendly:

-Bi-lingual Interface (English & Arabic)

-Customized to your Branding System

-Social Media Channels Integration

-Customized Templates 

-Instant Technical Support 

-Extreme User Friendly 

-Secured Data and Information 

-Prompt Implementation and Technical Training 

-Catastrophe Recovery

-Cost Efficiency 

-Validity & Reliability 

-Reports & analytics Generators 



We follow international standards for recruitment throughout each phase of the recruitment cycle


We offer tailored solutions as per each company’s yearly recruitment needs forecast

Network & cost-cutting:

Boost your network and reach more qualified candidates while cutting recruitment budget. We take care of recruitment typical costs and most painful activities and you focus on bringing the best professionals onboard


Our process is powered by the latest recruitment tools, making our accounts’ experience more reliable and efficient- the best part of it, No more blind CV’s (for specific recruitment solutions/packages)!


We aim to identify qualified candidates within maximum 6 business days


Frist Impressions count! Being your representative it’s our job to reflect your professionalism and employer branding along with a remarkable recruitment process competitive advantage!

Responsiveness & Flexibility:

Dislike the typical 9 to 5 professions/5 days per week, we believe responsiveness and flexibility are keys in recruiting specially in the Middle East region where countries operate in different schedules and days


There are not so much careers to provide this level of satisfaction, the satisfactions of making peoples’ life better!

And with ‘People’ we mean both candidates –unlocking better opportunities and companies-introducing the best professionals in a given sector

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