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We know it’s beyond Recruitment! We understand the context and challenges of each client and position which allow us to identify the best practice and techniques.

We master the art of combining the facts to be able to technically support you in recruitment and Executive Search while reflecting an amazing image and first impression to your future employees highlighting your company branding and endorsing you as an Employer of Choice.

Our services cover:

  1. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)/ TA Outsourcing
  2. Contingent Recruitment
  3. Retained Executive Search for C-level and leadership roles
  4. Outplacement 
  5. HR Outsourcing/ Staff leasing 


You can outsource your full recruitment department as a service, and you pay as per your company's recruitment needs. What’s in it for you?

Recruitment process outsourcing is like hiring at once an amazing team of experienced TA Business Partner and Recruiters, with access to all the resources needed to reach deliverables (Wide and updated database, premium subscriptions to the top regional job boards & professional platforms, outstanding referral program, automated recruitment process through ATS,…)  without handling the burden of their high payroll, recruitment agencies fees, and other fixed operating costs.

You will secure:

  1. Hiring success: You will have onboard a dedicated, resourceful, and experienced recruitment team, who understands your culture, vision and mission and teams’ dynamics and who leverages best practices.
  2. Cost Reduction: Your recruitment budget is going to considerably decrease while your quality of hires and time to fill will be more efficient than ever before.
  3. Talent Pooling: We’ll create rosters and engage with professionals for current and future roles as per your workforce plan.
  4. Insights: We will provide you with analytics and reporting of each phase of the recruitment process
  5. Stakeholder Engagement: the key to success in the recruitment industry starts with a healthy and structured relationship with all stakeholders involved: Recruiter, TA team, HR Manager, Hiring Manager. As much as those 4 parties are on the same page of identifying the needs of a requisition, its balanced scorecard, and engage in a nurturing communication, as much as the hiring success will be guaranteed.
  6. Technology: Our recruitment process is supported by an efficient Applicant Tracking System which facilitates communication & documentation throughout the recruitment process.
  7. Compliance with local and company regulations: The stronger the relationship is, the more compliant your recruitment process will be. Understanding your company compliance regulations and the local labor laws, you’ll make sure your recruitment department is always compliant vis-à-vis your internal and external audits
  8. External Recruitment agencies: Submitting to the RPO service at RecruitMe, no additional recruitment fees will be applicable for non-executives’ positions.
  9. Fees: will be designed based on your company needs and workforce plan.


A non-forgettable recruitment experience for all stakeholders!

At RecruitMe, we believe that the vital principles of Hiring Success for any requisition are ensuring a compelling candidates' experience, engaged hiring managers, and productive recruiters. Our best-in-class recruitment team ensures outstanding relationship management of all the stakeholders and handles the full recruitment cycle for your vacant positions.

  1. We start with a comprehensive understanding of your company mission, vision, core values, and teams' dynamics
  2. Job profiling understanding is ensured through engaging with the hiring manager and developing a scorecard for each role
  3. Setting up a recruitment strategy for each role, based on the position's profiling
  4. Sourcing qualified profiles throughout all our channels (Direct, Indirect, Referral Network, Database, pro-active search...)
  5. Screening, Interviewing & Assessment of qualified profiles 
  6.  Reference Check, Offer Management & Negotiation, and Onboarding facilitation

The process we follow has enabled us 98% of successful talent placements in positions within 15+ industries in more than 16 countries across the Middle East and Africa.

When the business situation force you to terminate a number of employees, Show them gratitude!

Our Outplacement services follow a career coaching approach.

Needs Identification:

  1. Employee Assessment
  2. Generate references and appraisals review
  3. Design a one-on-one coaching session


  1. Elaborate self-inventory (identify one's set of transferable skills, aspirations, the ideal context for the next move)
  2. Redefined CV, Cover Letter & LinkedIn profile
  3. The how and why of CV/profile building
  4. Personal Branding awareness
  5. Job search tactics
  6. Interview preparation and guidance
  7. Networking tips
  8. Self-selling techniques
  9. Professional connection & recommendation



We follow international standards for recruitment throughout each phase of the recruitment cycle


We offer tailored solutions as per each company’s yearly recruitment needs

Network & cost-cutting:

Boost your network and reach more qualified candidates while cutting the recruitment budget. We take care of recruitment typical costs and most painful activities and you focus on bringing the best professionals onboard


Our process is powered by the latest recruitment tools, making our accounts’ experience more reliable and efficient


We aim to identify qualified candidates within maximum 6 business days


First Impressions count! Being your representative it’s our job to reflect your professionalism and employer branding along with a remarkable recruitment process competitive advantage!

Responsiveness & Flexibility:

Dislike the typical 9 to 5 professions/5 days per week, we believe responsiveness and flexibility are keys in recruiting especially in the Middle East region where countries operate in different schedules and days


There are not so many careers to provide this level of satisfaction, the satisfaction of making peoples’ lives better!

And with ‘People’ we mean both candidates –unlocking better opportunities and companies-introducing the best professionals in a given sector

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